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Annoying Annie Pulls a Prank

Everyone has that one person at the gym that they just cannot stand.  Since I wasn’t sure what my least favorite gym goers name was, I decided to name her after the person everyone loves to hate on The City.  Thats right, I named her Olivia. 🙂

Heres a little bit of background on Olivia.  She is that lady that goes to every bootcamp and spin class, yet is no where near being fit.  [My guess is she fakes it during class.]  She sucks up to the teachers, yet she complains when it gets hard. “Ohhh I can’t do a plank, I have bad wrists.” “We have to run? My knees are bothering me today.”   She is always talking during class and keeps track if the teacher makes us do more sets than anticipated. She also wears the same thing every week.  She makes it known when she takes class, its like she is phrasing herself out loud that she went to the gym.  Like get over it and actually start working out!

Today I get to the gym 10 minutes before boot camp and decide to have a catch up session with one of my friends since I didn’t get there earlier enough to get some cardio in.   In the middle of our chat sess, one of our employee friends comes up to us and says “Stacey [the instructor] is freaking out in the locker room because someone stole her spin shoes.  Ovbi we have to go to the locker room to see whats going on.

Stacey is freaking out and is shocked that someone would take her shoes.  She has the staff looking everywhere for them and questioning people who are leaving.  Franticly looking around the locker room, her shoes are no where to be found.  I soon realized this wasn’t the scene for me so my friend and I book it out of the locker room and head to the group exercise room.

Right after Zumba lets out, my friend quickly notices Stacey’s spin shoes sitting on top of the music stand.  My friend and another classmate run to tell Stacey her missing shoes have been found.  The second I get in, Olivia is bragging to the class that she took them in effort to play a prank on Stacey.  Her original idea was to take her whole bag.  Are we seriously in middle school here??  Taking someones spin shoes is a horrible prank!

Finally Stacey comes in to class relieved to have found her shoes, yet mad that Olivia took them.  I mean she was stressing about them for 20 minutes.  If I were Stacey I’d want those percious 20 minutes of my life back.

All throughout the class Stacey was making comments to Olivia about the whole shoe incident which made the time fly by.

Hopefully Olivia learned her lesson and I won’t have to see her in class anytime soon.