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Annoying Annie Says Sorry

I go to bootcamp last night hoping Olivia wouldn’t be there, surprise surprise she was. 😦

I’m on the olipitical working on my cardio and all of the sudden I see Olivia walking around the gym carrying a big plate of cookies.  Really??  Who brings cookies to the gym??  She brought Stacey I’m sorry for stealing your spin shoes cookies.  I’m pretty sure you don’t bring a fitness instructor cookies.  Get her a gift card or some protein powder.  Do you really think she will eat your cookies when she is so hardcore about her diet?  Use your brain.

I walk in to class and Olivia is chatting up a storm (with herself because no one is listening of course).  She is announcing to everyone that she had no idea spin shoes were so expensive…”$150.00 for spin shoes?  I thought they were $25.00″.  Olivia really needs to get into the gym world.

Class starts and Stacey makes us do some warm up cardio.  Running around the class is pretty challenging for some of us who are unfit (like Olivia).  She announces to the class that she needs to take a bathroom break.  10 minutes later she comes back and we are still running.  The second she walks in she says, “I guess I should have taken longer in the  bathroom.” WHY EVEN COME TO CLASS IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE LAZY!??  She is so annoying!

Throughout the whole class she just sat there complaining.  I almost want to get up an tell her to leave.  She is really affecting my workout.  If Stacey wasn’t such a good teacher I would have peaced out of that class a long time ago.

What’s a girl supposed to do when you cannot stand someone in your bootcamp class?